The story of SPAR

SPAR was founded in the Netherlands in 1932 by Adraam ran Well and by other 14 persons of the same ideology.

The development of SPAR is based on values, which are a key foundation in the organization of the company for more than 85 years. At the core of these values is the constant commitment of SPAR stores around the world to continuously provide unique quality and service as well as the range of multiple choices of selected and fresh products.


Global yet local

The driving force of the success of SPAR is the close collaboration of individual retailers and wholesalers at a local level in meeting the needs of their customers. SPAR is passionate about retailing and is driven by committed independent retailers who win the trust and friendship of their communities. Through a commitment to outstanding service and excellence in fresh foods, SPAR meets the needs of all its customers.

SPAR Express

The first store in Greece in the format of SPAR express opened its doors in Alimos, Attika in December 2019. The outstanding service, the quality, the variety of fresh products, the fruit and vegetables department, the extended opening hours, and the easy access make the store a destination, for consumers in the neighborhood and for motorists. In addition, the operation of a modern refreshment room in this area with freshly squeezed juices, delicious delicacies, pastry, and freshly ground coffee gives you the necessary energy every day and a pleasant break.
A unique experience awaits while enjoying the suggested services and making your purchases for home or work!

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Καφές, Σφολιάτες
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